sfr eyeshadow palette


In our makeup, eye makeup has a tremendous part. Hmmm? Right? 


And the eyeshadow makes our eyes lovely. 

But if you’ve started doing makeup, buying expensive pallets is really hard. For that, some buy cheap eyeshadow palettes that are not at all pigmented. 

In addition, because of the budget, you often have to purchase a single color or a limited color palette. But to put the same color every time is too boring.



Now you should not worry about the quality and price of Eyeshadow, Because one brand will provide you a combination of the best quality and affordable Eyeshadow Palette.



This Brand is SFR Colors.






It is available in 3 Colors and the Price is Rs.99 But available in Rs.49 on CuffsNlashes.



sfr eyeshadow palette under 200
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sfr eyeshadow palette under 100

                                                                                                           Image Source-CuffsNlashes


 sfr eyeshadow palette mini
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There is good pigmentation in this 5 Glitter eyeshadow palette that gives you stunning looks. It’s very long-lasting. And it’s got 9 shades. You can buy it from CuffsNlashes in Rs.105, to avail more discount buy 2 palettes in Rs.178.


sfr glitter eyeshadow palette
  Image Source-CuffsNlashes






S.F.R Girl Luxury Gaudy Eyeshadow comes in three shades of compressed powder form.


And the weight is 4.5 g. It is also waterproof and gives a frosty finish. It is a shimmer eyeshadow.


SFR color eyeshadow palette Price: Rs.150.But on cuffsNlashes, it is available in Rs.99.



sfr glow eyeshadow palette
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sfr matte eyeshadow palette




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sfr obsession eyeshadow palette
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This eyeshadow is a single color eyeshadow palette in which you get a total of 7 different colors and the original price is Rs.149 but available on CuffsNlashes at Rs.99. If you buy 4 or more pieces each for Rs.90 and 8 or more pieces each for Rs.85.






Image Source-CuffsNlashes






This is a Glitter gel eyeshadow that comes in gel form in bottle packaging. There are 12 shades of it available. Rs.125 is a single-piece price, but you can get 3 or more items each at Rs.85, 6 or items each at Rs.75, and 12 or more items each at Rs.65 on CuffsNlashes.



Image Source-CuffsNlashes







SFR SUPER SHINE EYESHADOW has multi colors and 3 shades are available on CuffsNlashes in Rs.125.


sfr pro color studio eyeshadow

Image Source-CuffsNlashes

S.F.R Color  I Love Makeup eye shadow Pallete


S.F.R Color  I Love Makeup eye shadow Pallete is 15 color palette and the price is Rs.125 on Glampick.

sfr eyeshadow palette hated with love
Image Source-Glamipick



SFR beauty killer eyeshadow palette

SFR beauty killer eyeshadow palette is a multicolor palette that has 4 shades and the price is Rs.149 on CuffsNlashes.


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Image Source-CuffsNlashes


                                                                   Image Source-CuffsNlashes

Image Source-CuffsNlashes


SFR city mini eyeshadow palette


SFR the city mini eyeshadow palette has 16 colors while it has two shades and It is available in Rs.150 on CuffsNlashes



Image Source-CuffsNlashes







SFR COLOR EXCLUSIVE EYE COLOR COLLECTION has 12 ULTRA PROFESSIONAL colors. It has 2 shades, the price is Rs.199 on CuffsNlashes.

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S.F.R eyeshadow has 5 colors and 3 different shades. It is available on  CuffsNlashes for Rs.149.

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It is a nice multipurpose eyeshadow palette that has 6 colors. It can be used as a highlighter also. More, It has 3 Shades and the price is Rs.199.



Image Source-CuffsNlashes




S.F.R Color eyeshadow 16 colors


S.F.R Color eyeshadow 16 colors palette  is exclusively available on Glamipick in Rs.150

Image Source-GLAMIPICK


S.F.R Color Eyeshadow – Nude


SFR Color Eyeshadow eyeshadow sets are preferred for group makeup, casual makeup, wedding makeup, etc. Palettes include matte and shimmery eye shadows, very pigmented and vivid, simple to match your look. The color of high-quality ingredients with silky shine will last for the entire day! Great for professional use in the salon or at home! Feel light and gentle, produce a clear and brilliant eye makeup finish quickly. Portable and practical to use. The Price is Rs.200 on Glamipick.

There are shades of it.










Image Source-GLAMIPICK


S.F.R Color Artist Eyeshadow Palette


The S.f.r Color Artist Eyeshadow Palette is a palette of 32 colors and the price is only Rs.180. You can buy it from GlamiPick.

Image Source-GLAMIPICK


S.F.R Color Nude Eyeshadow


SFR Color Nude eyeshadow has 10 colors and colors are favored for easygoing makeup wedding cosmetics, and so on Palettes incorporate matte and shimmery eye shadows, very pigmented and striking, easy to coordinate your look! The shade of great fixings with satiny sparkle will keep going for the whole day! It is available on GlamiPick for Rs.199.


Image Source-GLAMIPICK



S.F.R eyes Eyeshadow


This eyeshadow palette has a total of 8 colors and the price is Rs.180. Just buy it from Glamipick.



Image Source-GLAMIPICK




S.F.R Color eyeshadow 12 colors




This multicolor eyeshadow palette has beautiful 12 colors. The price is the only Rs.130 on Glamipick.





Image Source-GLAMIPICK



SFR GIRL BB Ultra Shiny Eye Shadow Pack of 8 Colors

SFR GIRL BB Ultra Shiny Eye Shadow has 8 different shades in one package that are ideal for personal use and professional use.




S.F.R color Eye Lux Mesmerizing Eyeshadow Palette 



The Lux Mesmerizing Eyeshadow Palette gives the eyes a high definition and dimension. It has good colors that can be used as an eyeshadow, bronzer, and highlighter.







S.F.R 12 Color Eye Shadow Glitter Intense Shine



The long-lasting Glitter Intense Shine Shades Palette. And it’s got 8 colors as well as it comes with a brush.


S.F.R color Pro-Makeup Palette Eyeshadow Shimmer 


There is great pigmentation in this Shimmer Eyeshadow Powder Palette. It has 4 shades. And Rs.124 is the price.


S.F.R 12 Color Eye Shadow Glitter Intense Shine 




Each color is special, stunning, super shiny & pigmented. It’s simple to use and looks great on your skin. Last Long Time Glittering Element Glitter & Shimmer Makeup Eyeshadow With Shimmer Finish, Gives You Relaxed Using Experience & Shiny Sparkling Eyes. Great fit for beauty, wedding makeup, party makeup, or casual makeup for Smoky Eyes. Gel Based Glitter Eye Makeup Fixer is not needed. It is appropriate for all skin types.


S.F.R 9 Color Eye Shadow Glitter Intense Shine



It will give your eyes a graceful touch and let them grab all the attention when you embellish them with the 9 eyeshadow palette of s.f.r velvet creamy touch. Compact, easy to handle, and portable comfortable, this exclusive eyeshadow palette is an important addition for any beauty box.



So, This is the list of affordable S.F.R color Eyeshadow palettes. I have tried to include all SFR color eyeshadow palette which has a price in between Rs. 200.

Hope you get all information which you all want from my post.

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