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You have to create your own makeup kit whether you have just begun doing your makeup or you are studying makeup techniques. 


But selecting affordable beauty items that have the highest quality is a very hard job.



Makeup kit includes many products so it becomes costly also.



In my opinion, You should not spend that much amount on beauty stuff as a beginner.



Today I am going to show you how to create your full professional makeup kit in Rs.1000.



I know that you’ve seen videos or read articles where Rs.1000 is the price of each product. Or if you looking for an Under Rs.500 makeup kit, then each product’s price will be below Rs.500. If you make a sum of everything then it would be more than Rs.500.



But I am giving details about a basic makeup kit for beginners on a budget.



Step 1


Your basic makeup kit must include toner. I have the option of toner which is very effective and pocket friendly.



In my articles, I have listed Toner for dry skin and oily skin. You can check out 

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Himalaya Herbals Refreshing and Clarifying Toner

This toner is available at Rs.83  in 100 ml bottle packaging. It has a liquid shape. It thoroughly cleanses pores and refreshes the skin. All skin types are ideal for this toner. 

Gently apply over the cleansed face and neck and add to the cotton pads or washcloth. You can use it in the morning, at night, and before your makeup begins.



Step 2.

Moisturizer plays important role in your skincare as well as makeup. You should include below mentioned cheap moisturizer in the basic makeup kit.


Nivea Soft Cream

The amount is 25 ml in a plastic container, and the cost is just Rs.39. It has a unique scent. You can use it for smooth, gentle, supple, and healthy skin. It refreshes the skin.


Step 3

You need to include sunscreen when you do makeup and want to go outside. 

And I guess you ought to apply it even though you don’t go out then, too.
For, affordable makeup kit  I have this option of sunscreen.


Himalaya Herbals Protective Sunscreen Lotion

To protect the skin from harmful UV rays, Himalaya sunscreen Lotion is formulated and also nourishes the skin. It is infused with Cinnabloc, a natural herb extract found in Spiked Ginger Lily, which protects against UV rays naturally. This Sunscreen Lotion also helps to protect against exposure to the sun. It comes in 50ml packaging for Rs.90.


Image source-Amazon

Step 4



The next step is the primer which is essential for makeup. But in the market, all primers are available between Rs.200-Rs.300.But on an initial basis, you should not waste your money. So you can use aloe vera gel. Here I am giving you the option of Patanjali Alovera Gel.


Patanjali Aloevera Gel


This gel of Patanjali aloe vera gel helps you achieve an instant glow. It will fill your open pores. It will give your base the perfect smooth finish. It is available for Rs.45.



Step 5

Without a foundation, makeup is incomplete. As a beginner, instead of a base, you can use any BB or CC cream. But I do have the ideal foundation option that is very reasonable and of the best quality.


For best foundation Under Rs.200 ,Please read my below mentioned articles.


All About Blue Heaven Foundations Which Is The Best Affordable Foundation All About Blue Heaven Foundations Which Is The Best Affordable Foundation

Buy Foundations Of Trustworthy Brand Under Rs.100.

Iba Halal Care Pure Skin Liquid Foundation



It comes in 30 ml bottle packaging which has a pump. I think it is very convenient for us. It has SPF 15. It provides smoothness and can easily be mixed. It provides good coverage and the fragrance is fantastic. Stays for a long time. The chemical-free thing about this foundation is good. It is recommended to everyone. It has perfect coverage and absorbs the skin uniformly. Well, the original price of it is Rs.375 but it is available in Rs. 263 on Nykaa, and Rs.250 on Amazon.



Natural Beige

 Ivory Fair

Snow White

Sun Beige

Golden Beige




Step 6

Concealer is used for hiding pigmentation, dark color, pimple, and acne sports. as well as it is used for Hight light high points of your face. There are a number of concealers available in Rs.100.It can be a stick form or liquid form.


Insight Cosmetics 2X Cover Master Concealer 


For that ultra-natural finish, introduce a weightless, full coverage concealer. Insight Cosmetics 2X Cover Master Concealer is a skin-firming concealer of high definition that covers imperfections and regenerates for additional radiance to the skin. Coverage against spots, scars, dark circles, and noticeable pores is given by the weightless formula. In addition, it helps to minimize the presence of fine lines, corrects dark circles under the eyes and bags to give you a youthful and even-toned look. It comes in liquid form and the price is Rs.110.




Rich Tan


Golden Russet

Golden Sand




Step 7

Now the next step is contour you can use any dark concealer as a contour. It should be 2-3 tones darker than your skin tone.

Stay Quirky Hide my Hickey Concealer Minis


This is a stick concealer that has 21 different shades. It can be used as a contour, concealer, and color corrector, and the price only Rs.79.I am already using a green color concealer as the color corrector of this brand. And I think it is a good product at this price.

It is exclusively available on Purplle.



stay quirky

Image source-Purplle

Step 8


We can use any loose powder or can use any compact powder to set our makeup. Which gives you the final finish to our makeup.

Blue Heaven Saphire Make Up Translucent Powder 


It gives a sleek, smooth look. It smells so sweet, and it works. The quantity and quality are simply amazing at this price. If you’re a makeup novice, then this is the perfect powder. It’s helpful on a budget! It can be used to set the oiliness at a reasonable price, perfect for everyday use. The price is Rs.110.



Dark Tan







Now move on to the eye makeup,



NY Bae Skeyeliner Liquid Eyeliner, Matte


At NY Bae Liquid Eyeliner, the search for eyes to be on fleek and the dream winged eye make-up slaying all day ends. It’s outstanding coverage, enabling you to have one stroke. You can buy it from Purplle for Rs.64.


Ny bae eyeliner
 Image source-NyBaeStore



Blue Heaven  Fashion Eye Shadow


This palette has 12 colors . as a beginner you should not purchase highlighter and blush. You can use colors this palette as highlighter and blush. It has nice pigmentation and colors are also great which can suitable for a professional makeup look. It costs Rs.108.



If you want to know about SFR COLOR EYESHADOW Palletes Under Rs.200
visit below mentioned post.
SFR EYESHADOW UNDER 200 Rs. Budget-Friendly Eyeshadow palette For Beginners



And final step is Lipstick


Elle 18 Color Pops Matte Lipstick


Here is the brand for any young girl who wants to have fun and look nice at the same time. There is the Brand New Collection of Matte Lipsticks from the Elle 18 collection. Matte is in demand and we have the collection to keep you trendy. To get the perfect look, add a bold stroke with Elle 18 Color Pops Matte Lip Color. Thanks to its latest formulation, the Elle 18 Color Pops Matte Lip Color range of lipsticks gives high color payoff from a single stroke. Thanks to the bold Matte finish, it lasted a long time. For your every mood and every look, it has vibrant and fun shades to choose from. So go through the wide range of Matte Lip Color Elle 18 Color Pops and pick out the color of your pout! It has 24 different shades and the price is just Rs.75.



I have tried the best to make this affordable makeup list. In this list, I have included all the best quality makeup products.


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