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What is concealer in Makeup?

A concealer is a form of makeup product used to disguise dark circles, age spots, large pores, and other small blemishes evident on the skin. It is similar to the base, but thicker and used to conceal various pigments by mixing imperfections into the surrounding skin tone.

 Use Of Concealer In Makeup

Concealer is one of the most important aspects of our Makeup routines. It uses to hide dark circles, pigmentation, Spots of Acne, or Pimples.

How To Choose A Concealer?

How To Choose A Concealer?


When it comes to picking a concealer shade, it just depends on what you want to cover. If it’s under your eyes, it’s best to pick one to two shades lighter than your base color.  This depends, however, whether you just have a light coverage that you need to shield under your eyes.

How To Choose A Concealer For Dark Circles?

If you have dark circles, like anywhere from a purple to a greenish tone, you just need to counteract the color first before you hide.

So think of peaches that offset any kind of purple underneath the eye, and then use your concealer in your skin tone, one or two shades lighter, to brighten up the complexion underneath the eye as well. 

If you’re covering a blemish, it’s very important to use the same cover-up tone as your foundation color, because you really want to conceal and hide the blemish, you don’t want to make it stand out.

It’s very important not to choose a concealer shade that’s lighter because you don’t want to attract attention to your pickles. 

Really you need to cover them. So a really good tip when you want an under-eye coverer, if you have a bit of darkness, it’s really important to actually neutralize the color first before you add a coverer. Because very often, we use concealers of the same hue as our skin tone, and it ends up looking very ashy underneath the eye.

How To Choose An Under-eye Concealer?

When you use Concealer under the eye, if you have a bit of dark, it’s very important to neutralize the color first before you apply the mask. ‘We use concealers in the same shade as our skin tone very often and it ends up looking very ashy under the eye. So it’s important to neutralize the color first with something like a peach tone corrector, and then add it to the top with a cover in your hue or one to two shades lighter than your skin tone.

How To Choose Concealer for blemishes?

If you’re covering a blemish, it’s very important to use the same cover-up tone as your foundation color, because you really want to conceal and hide the blemish, you don’t want to make it stand out. So it’s very important not to pick a concealer shade that’s lighter because you don’t want to attract attention to your pimples. Really you need to cover them. A very good tip is to check the color of your veins. So if they’re orange, you tend to be a warm tone, and if they’re blue, you tend to be a colder tone.

How To Choose The Best Concealer For your Skin type?

When choosing a concealer for your skin type, when it comes to oily skin, you want to look for a product that is oil-free and has a long life span so that it doesn’t slip. 

If your skin is dry skin, you want to look for moisturizing benefits in your concealer. So those that are filled with skincare advantages are going to be perfect for dry skin. 

When choosing a hybrid skin concealer, it depends on where you want to cover. So if you want to shield your cheek area, where it’s pretty often dry with a combination of skin, you want to look for a hydrating cover-up.

 If you want to hide in your T-zone, look for a formula that’s oil-free, has long wear capacity, so it doesn’t slip during the day.

How To Use Concealer In Makeup?


One of the most important moves to achieve this perfect base is to master the cover-up routine!

How To Highlight Your Face With Concealer?

Concealers don’t have to be used solely to mask or hide. So when you use the coverer as a highlighter, you really want to focus on accentuating your best features. 

You just have to add it to the tops of the cheekbone, to the bridge of the nose, to the top of the brow bone, to the cupid’s bow, and to the bottom of the chin, to give it that perfect, subtle highlight. Another great tip is this foot applicator. 

The flat side of it helps you to cover and brighten wide parts of your face, and the focused endpoint allows you to get to those very rough areas you need to hide, including the inner corner of your eyes and just above the cupid’s bow.

How To Cover Blemishes With Concealer?

When it comes to concealing blemishes, it is very necessary to use the right tool to use the concealer. 

You don’t want to use your finger because our fingers have natural oils, and you’re still going to pick up the product from the blemish. 

So you want to use a brush, such as a silicone brush, to position the product directly and precisely above the blemish. But when you use a concealer to highlight, it’s nice to use your fingertips, because the warmth of your fingers really makes the product blend into the skin, making you look really perfect and feel the airbrush.

How To Apply  Concealer Under Eyes?

  The only way to stop creasing under the eye when you apply a concealer is to apply an eye cream before that.

But you need to give enough time for your eye cream to absorb before you apply your concealer. Or you can go for a dual-ended product, so it has a serum with a concealer. 

So when you apply a concealer under the eye, it’s perfect if you only apply a little triangle under the eye. Then put it down a little bit on the cheek.

And it’s very necessary not to add the cover-up all the way up to the lower lash line. This helps to shut your eyes.

So if you want a more awake appearance and larger eyes, it’s very important to keep it away from the bottom of the lash line. If you need to pick me up a little in the afternoon, instead of applying the cover-up again, I just like to pop a little bit of a cover-up right at the corner of the eye, which really lifts it up. 

All you need is a tiny mark, and just blend it in. It’s a really good trick to really help brighten up the eye area.

 Another smart trick when it comes to hiding under the eye is to mix your concealer with your eye cream.

 You’re going to get the added benefits of eye cream, it’s really going to help your concealer from creasing, and it’s going to give you the wide-awake, more hydrated fresh look. As you can see, the concealer can look very natural if you use the right techniques and formulations for your skin type.

Best Tips For Concealer 

What is concealer in Makeup?


There are several forms of concealers available on the market. The creams and sticks have the most coverage because they have a dense consistency and appear to dry matte. 

So they mask pimples with blemishes and very dark under-eye circles. Covering pencils provide medium to high coverage and dry semi-matt. 

So they’re good at highlighting and contouring. Liquids provide medium coverage and appear to be easy to use because they mix quickly. They’re good at brightening the underside of the eye and even the skin tone, and then there’s a brush applicator cover.

Concealer as Eye Primer

We know that the primer is vital because it gives your eyeshadow a base to cling to and it makes the color pop. But if you’re in a hurry or you just want to cut out the extra product concealer works great. Look more awake if you woke up looking sleepy, then you can change that with a concealer.

 Only mix a dab with an eye cream and a highlighter and add the brow bone and the inner corner of your eyes to places like the top of your cheekbones.

Define your brows with a Concealer

 You can really describe the brows with a cover-up. I prefer to use a cover-up that is one shade lighter than my skin tone on the upper and lower brow bones, and then I blend it with a brush or blender.

Add some volume to your lashes with Concealer

Did you know that the concealer will make your lashes look thicker?  You may use a tip and dip it in a liquid concealer, then run it over your lashes all the way to the tips. Allow the mascara to be added dry and the boom to instant volume.

Stop the fine lines from turning up. If you use a creamy concealer, it often appears to accentuate fine lines. It’s a simple solution. Pat, it on then blotted it with a tissue or blotting paper so that the excess doesn’t settle

Concealer Alternatives For Color Correction

You may have noticed different shades of concealers and stores that each serve a reason, so if you don’t have all the shades you can use makeup that you already have, for example.

If you need an orange or red color coverer to cover under-eye circles or dark spots on darker skin, use lipstick.

If you need a lighter tone to cover dark circles on lighter skin, use a peach or coral lipstick, and if you need a green coverer to cover the acne, just use an eye shadow and apply your usual coverer over it.

Set your concealer with powder after all the effort you want it to remain in place and don’t forget.

So, this is all about What Is Concealer and How To Use Concealer

Now I will tell you which are the Best Affordable Concealers available in the market.

 Best Affordable Concealers 



Best Liquid Concealers 


 L.A.Girl Pro HD Concealer

This is priced at Rs.595.  This concealer has a very special packaging that is what you’re going to love! It comes in the form of a tube and has a brush tip that makes it super easy to apply. 

You need to use a damp sponge to smoothly blend into this concealer for that beautiful finish! And it’s an opaque, crease-free formula that gives you a natural yet flawless look throughout the day! HD concealers are great for nights out or major events because they are very long-lasting, offer complete coverage, and take pictures extremely well!

The Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Concealer 

This is the price of Rs.695! This product has a very wide selection of colors so that it can be used to cover and describe as the name suggests. You need to apply it in light layers and gradually build it up with a thin, fluffy brush for that flawless finish!

 Along with offering excellent coverage, the matte finish of this product prevents any creasing or accentuation of my fine lines. The lighter shades in the collection can be used to highlight and cover the middle of your face, the areas under your eyes, the bridge of the nose forehead, and the jaw, while the darker shades can also be used for contouring!

Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer

This is priced at Rs.475! This inexpensive concealer has a very wide range of shades that are particularly suited to Indian skin tones as well as pink and yellow undertones! The way you need to apply this concealer is to use the wand to apply a few dots in places that need to be covered around the nose and under the eyes like around the mouth! 

Using the warmth of your fingertips, you need to effortlessly combine this with a powder! Now, this concealer gives me an impeccable but natural finish by quickly covering up dark circles of acne, blemishes, or any other imperfections It also has a breathable oil-free formula that makes it ideal for all skin types, including sensitive skin!

Colorbar Flawless Full Cover Concealer

This is the price of Rs.699! This product is immensely pigmented, so it’s perfect to easily cover up bigger blemishes or acne scars! Now, I recommend that you use an angled kabuki brush or a tapered brush to apply this concealer. 

And it’s so full coverage that you can even miss the base! This coverer even has jojoba oil, sunflower wax, and even palm butter in it that nourishes your skin! It also has a powder liquid formula, which means it’s self-contained. Now if you’ve got dry skin as I do, you can just lay down the cover-up, and there’s no need to lay it down with makeup! It will immediately give you a smooth finish without looking too cakey or too hard!

Best Stick Concealers

Swiss Beauty Perfect Match Pen stick

It is available for Rs.199. Swiss Beauty provides complete coverage with a soft, dewy finish. High-tech formula cleverly conceals pigmentation and imperfections. Easy to blend for a natural look. Handy stick applicator for daytime touch-ups. Can be used all over your face or to mask blemishes. It hides redness caused by acne and even dark circles around the eyes. It gives a smooth application to the skin.

Lakme Absolute White Intense SPF 20 Concealer Stick 

This product is so sweet, really simple to apply. It is available for Rs.650. It blends well and looks perfect. It easily absorbs the texture of the blend into the skin. Stick is the best device for camouflage blemishes, dark circles, and symptoms of exhaustion. SPF 20 acts as the perfect sunshade and vitamin B3 works on providing a younger and fairer-looking skin concealer that comes in the shape of a plastic cap lipstick and is very easy to be used both under the eyes and to cover the spots.

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Makeup Stick 

It is available for Rs.499.You can get photo-ready cheekbones, naturally flushed cheeks, or an insanely glowing complexion with one swipe of a stick. Put one of these compact makeup sticks in your wallet or pocket, and you’ll be a camera—ready to double-tap in less time.

L.A. Colors Cover Up! Concealer Stick 

The L.A. Colors Cover Up Concealer offers the ideal coverage for an easy-to-use retractable stick. Cover, correct, and blend to mask imperfections and dark circles for even more flawless skin. Bonus, 4 of the most common color correction of concealer shades are available to create an impeccable complexion.

Incolor Exposed Better Skin Concealer + Corrector 

It visibly minimizes the appearance of dark circles, dark spots, and blemishes in a jiffy! This stick coverer helps you to finish your base makeup in just one minute. This smooth, edible formula gives you a natural matte finish. The special formula melts in your skin and blends seamlessly to give you an impeccable finish. Enriched with vitamin E, it feeds the skin’s needs.


Affordable Concealer Palette

Insight Cosmetics Pro Concealer Palette

It is available for Rs.175 on Nykaa. The Insight Cosmetics Pro Concealer Palette features a 6-tone wheel that can be used to mask imperfections, conceal dark circles and contours. Its soft creamy texture blends seamlessly to give you a smooth, flawless finish. In addition, it also tends to cover discoloration, redness, and immediately brightens the skin.

Wet n Wild Cover All Concealer Palette

This circle of concealers includes all you need to smooth out any imperfections in your skin. It’s the beauty equivalent of playing with paint, and your face is your coloring book! The circle of hiding puts all imperfections in harmony!

 Purple and yellow are opposites on the color wheel, so use yellow to eliminate any unwanted purple spots, such as bruises or under-eye circles. Some overly yellow spots You strike them with purple.

Green and red are both opposites. So use green for something red: zits, flushes, blemishes, you name it!

White brightens every hue, so whatever part of your face you want to highlight, that’s it!

Swiss Beauty Cover Studio Ultra Base Concealer Palette

It has all the base coverers like sun, dark to counter, and orange to dark circles. This product is intended for dry skin form and mixed skin as well.

Not for oily skin, but it has a very creamy texture. The best thing about this pallet is the orange hue, this orange corrector is wonderfully covering your dark circles and spots as well. This is the best product with an affordable range for beginners.

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