Hair Spa At Home With Natural Ingredients -5 Ways to do Hair Spa

Hair Spa At Home With Natural Ingredients And Procedure

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Many of us have hair problems like Dandruff, Hair Loss, Dry Hair, Oily Scalp, Split Ends, Frizz And Flyaways, Dull Hair, and Damaged Hair.

We can solve our hair problems by doing Hair Spa. Hair Spa is nothing but giving regrowth to our hair.

Having a Hair Spa done in beauty parlors can be very costly. Not everyone can afford it. As well as in saloon they use Hair Spa Creams with harmful chemicals. It gives instant results but in long run, it can ruin our hair.

We can easily make a Hair Spa At Home With Natural ingredients at a fraction of the cost, and I guarantee it will be equally successful.

I have picked up 5 Hair Spa treatments that will give you healthy and shiny hair which you’re going to flaunt everywhere.

Hair Spa At Home With Natural Ingredients And Procedure


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Hair Spa Method 1

This hair spa begins with a hot oil massage with homemade fenugreek oil. This hair oil is going to feed and condition our scalp very well. The second phase is a hair pack with curry leaves. This hair pack prevents hair from dropping, encourages hair growth, and addresses almost all scalp problems. The final step is a green tea hair rinse that gives your hair a nice shine and the best part is that we only need two ingredients to make it.

How To Do A Hair Spa At Home With This Method?


how to do a hair spa at home

In a cup, take a tablespoon of coarsely crushed fenugreek seeds. Now add 1/4 cup of unrefined coconut oil to it. Now either sun dry this mixture or heat it with a double boiler for 15 to 20 minutes to help the fenugreek seeds release its essence into the oil.

When the oil is well heated, strain to extract the fenugreek seeds. Make sure that the fenugreek seeds are ground grossly, if you grind them to a fine powder, it will be very difficult to strain. This oil has a faint scent of fenugreek and is an outstanding conditioner for hair and scalp. It can also be kept at room temperature for a few months.

Take the oil and rub it all over your scalp and hair. Make sure you add oil to both your scalp and your hair. This is going to help treat broken ends. 

After the massage, dip your towel in hot water and tie it around your head. Once the towel has lost its heat, remove it and add the hair pack.


how to do hair spa at home

Take a handful of fresh curry leaves in a bowl to make the hair pack. Add the homemade curd to a tablespoon. Add half a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.

Finally, add two teaspoons of virgin coconut oil. Now grind the mixture to a very smooth paste. You should add more curd when grinding if you notice that the mixture is too thick. Take this Hair Pack after a massage and apply it all over your scalp and hair.

Wait until it’s almost dry and wash it off with a mild shampoo. This hair pack can also treat dandruff, itchy skin, scalp irritation, and scalp boiling. It will also help to encourage hair growth.


how do hair spa at home

To make the green tea hair rinse, we have to make the green tea first. Take a green tea bag in a cup to make green tea. Connect the hot boiling water and let it steep for a minute. Now add a few drops of any favorite essential oil of your choosing to the green tea. To use, take it in a spray bottle and spray it all over your scalp and hair.

Wait a minute, and then rinse it away. Green tea hair rinse is excellent for stimulating hair growth and also gives a healthy shine to the hair and also protects the hair from sun damage.

This Hair Spa treatment will not only minimize hair loss and encourage hair development, it will also lower our stress levels. Offer this spa treatment a try once and you’ll continue to use it for life.

Hair Spa Method 2

This method of  Hair spa at home  will give bouncy, smooth, shiny & healthy hair .This hair spa has easy 5 steps.

How Hair Spa At Home With This Method?

Oil Massage:

how to done hair spa at home

You can use any oil for Hair Oil. First part of your hair and then apply oil to your scalp and hair roots and massage well. Apply this root oil to the tip of your hair and massage your hair gently. Create a Hair bun after that.


Take some hot water and dip the towel in it. Then take it out and squeeze it well to extract excess water. Take this move with precautions.

Now, hold it over your hair and put it on the back before it leaves all the steam. It helps the hair roots absorb oil, it doesn’t give too much hot steam as it can damage the cuticle.

Hair Wash:

Use any mild shampoo of your choice. Now after steaming, rinse your hair with shampoo.

DIY Hair Conditioner:

Take Aloe Vera gel and Rose water .Now add all ingredients to a glass bowl and blend well. After mixing, move to the spray bottle, our conditioner is ready. Now after a rinse, spray this to our semi-wet hair to gently detangle our hair from the tip of the hair to the scalp.

Hair Pack

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Now rinse the Cucumber and with 3 tbsp of Brahmi powder. Mix them well, our pack is ready for you. Now add this pack to our hair length from root to tip and leave it for half an hour after half an hour to rinse our hair with cool water. If your hair has split ends, they’re thin, dull, and dry, so you should try this amazing hair spa.

Hair Spa Method 3

Your hairstyle has been ruined by this hot and humid weather. Whether you’re flattering your hair or something else. But the hair is still as it is. As a lot of dirt and sweat get sticks on our scalp, it causes the hair to fall. This hair spa treatment is for that.

Hair Mask

hair spa at home with natural ingredients

You’ll need to take 4 tbsp of curd first then add some lemon juice to the Fullers’ earth, then coconut oil, and mix well. So here’s where our hair mask is ready. So let your hair detangle first so that you remove a mask from your hair so that your hair doesn’t fall.

The unique thing about this mask is not only that it will stop your hair from falling, but it will also help to prevent dandruff, and when you wash your hair your hair will naturally be straight.

You need to make a hair bun in your hair after that. Also don’t forget to cover your hair with a polythene. After making a bun, as this helps you absorb all the goodness of the mask and make your hair straight naturally.

Hair Wash

hair spa at home with home ingredients

After 15 minutes, wash your hair, and shampoo your hair. Dry your hair with a towel the next morning, don’t forget to untangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb, and your hair will automatically get straight.

Hair Spa Method 4

hair spa at home with natural ingredients

How Hair Spa At Home With This Method?

Hair Cream

Take a bowl and add 3 tbsp of Mayonnaise sauce and the amount of sauce can vary depending on the length of your hair. Add 1 tbsp of coconut oil and you can get mayonnaise in any supermarket. Buy Mayonnaise Egg and don’t buy mayonnaise flavor.

hair spa at home with natural ingredients and procedure

Add 1 tbsp of olive oil. Finally, add 1 tbsp of Glycerine and you can get it in all medical stores. Mix well and we use this cream after splitting our hair into parts. Before applying this cream, make sure your hair is clean. Mayonnaise contains protein, vinegar, and essential oils that tend to heal damaged hair and dandruff.

Mayonnaise strengthens our hair roots, moisturizes our hair follicles, and keeps our hair silky and smooth. Coconut oil, olive oil, glycerine moisturize our hair and makes it silky and shiny. Cover your hair with a shower cap after applying it.


Steam your hair with a high-vapor hair dryer, leaving it very distant. If you don’t have a hairdryer, cover your head with a towel dip in hot water, and repeat it 4-5 times.

You need to get steaming so that the cream gets inside the hair follicles. Leave it for one hour and wash your hair with shampoo and try to get better results once a week.

Hair Spa Method 5

How Hair Spa At Home With This Method?

Oil Massage

hair spa at home with natural ingredients cream

Take 4 tbsp of coconut oil depending on your hair length. You should take some olive oil, too. Apply the root oil to the tips of the scalp. Massage for 5 min. This will improve the circulation of the blood, which will increase the growth of the hair.


For this DIY Towel, take any towel dip in lukewarm water wrap around your hair. Wait for 5-6 min now shampoo your hair wash .now pat dry your hair.

Hair Mask

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After we have to apply the hair mask use curd and honey mix it. Apply the mask. It is also good for dandruff treatment. Honey has antioxidant properties that aid in breakage. This makes our hair smooth, shiny, and powerful massage apply a shower cap wait for 15-20 min now wash your hair. try this 1-2 times a month.

These are Ingredients and methods to do a Hair Spa At Home.

Our hair is getting a little dull and damaged from time to time, causing us to hurry to the nearest salon. But what if we told you that you might show some Care and attention to your hair right at home?

Hair masks are the most effective way to give your hair a much-needed nourishment and add shine.

Best Natural Hair Mask

hair spa at home with natural ingredients for hair

Coconut Milk Mask For Shine

Mix 2 cocoa powder tablespoons and a little coconut milk and spray on your skin and hair for 20 minutes before washing. Rich in sulfur, cocoa powder naturally makes the hair shine and helps to cover the greys while coconut milk provides protein and helps to nourish damaged hair. Apply the mask once a week and your hair will be soft and shiny in no time.

Sometimes, your hair can suffer from shampoos and salon treatments especially where you have very dry hair. The consequence of dietary failures, sunlight, unnecessary hair washing or use of harsh chemicals can also be dry hair. But the only thing you need to do is to give your hair a decent dose of moisture.

hair spa at home with aloe vera

Aloe vera mask

Mix 1 cup of water and 2 tbsp of aloe vera juice, 1 tsp of glycerin, 1 tsp of olive oil, 2 tsp of vitamin E olive oil, and 2 tsp of sesame oil for this DIY hair rinse. Spritz the mixture on your hair and scalp, then leave on for approximately 30 minutes before washing.

Glycerine battles dry and fragrant hair while Vitamin E serves as a moisturizer that brightens the hair. Sesame oil is used for the growth of hair and for scalp protection while apricot oil feeds the skin and prevents breaking. Try this drink once a week and for days, you have stunning, nourished hair.

Shikakai Hair Mask

Herbal hair rinses are filled with natural nutrients, antioxidants and minerals which can give back life to dumb hair. You will need 7-8 Shikakai seeds and some glycerin to make this simple detox hair rincer.

Soak the Shikakai seeds in water overnight before adding glycerine to the water. Shikakai Known as hair fruit and rich in antioxidants and vitamins that improve hair growth, Shikakai has great cleaning properties.

how to do hair spa at home with natural ingredients

Natural Hair Mask For Dandruff

Would you like to know how to get glowy, dandruff-free hair? This is the vinegar of apple cider. In order to clean, add 2–3 tbsp of vinegar of apple cider in a cup, one lemon juice, 1 tbsp of honey, and one drop of essential oil of lavender. Apple vinegar can help to smooth and clear hair cuticles and restore your scalp’s pH.

In addition, lemon encourages collagen development, honey locks, and moisture screens, and essential oil lavender reduces inflammation of the skin. Apply the blend and massage it well with your scalp and hair. Leave it for 20-30 minutes to wash with a light shampoo and you have a quick remedy to say goodbye to dandruff.

Curry Leaves Hair Mask

Nobody wants to step on their shoulders with flaunting white spokes or leave hair strands everywhere they go. But why waste a lot on expensive things, just grab some of your kitchen’s ingredients.

Boil 2 cups of water and add a number of curry leaves to make this quick rinse. Until you splash water on your hair, make it cool. Rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene, and proteins, curry leaves remove the dead hair follicles and hydrate the scalp. Enable the mixture to continue for 20 minutes until you condition your hair as normal. Do it to get magnificent and polished tresses twice a week.

how to do hair spa at home for smoothened hair

Avocado Hair Mask

Avocados are one of nature’s perfect foods rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids. Mix the ripe mashed avocado with 1 tbsp. olive oil and 1 tbsp. sweetheart to render this moisturizing mask. Apply the mixture to the roots in one centimeter for the oily scalp and also to the roots for the dry and flaccid scalp.

The mask’s olive oil helps to moisten your hair while the honey adds luster and power to your hair. Keep your mask on and you will be rewarded with good, shiny, and manageable hair for 30 minutes before rinsing.

By following this basic hair care procedure you not only provide natural food and protein to your hair but also breathe in your pocket. You can pamper your hair at home and be ready to live a whole new life with one of these natural bricolage treatments.

There are natural hair spa creams and Masks available in the market. You can use that also to hair spa. Here I am giving a list of a few affordable Hair Cream and Hair Mask.

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